Snail of Appreciation Guidelines

(thanks to SFNYC for the concept)

Slow Food Orange County announces our new Snail of Appreciation program, which honors local restaurateurs, culinary artisans and CSA producers (community supported agriculture) who exemplify the principles of Slow Food and contribute to the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of food in our community. Awarded restaurants, artisans and CSA distribution points must belocated in Orange County California and must show commitment to the three basic principles of Slow Food: good, clean, and fair.


Quality is fundamental – food must taste good and be good for us. Quality includes the freshness and wholesomeness of ingredients; the care and craft with which they are handled; the quality of life of consumers, producers and their neighbors. It is a standard of Quality based on food that is good, clean and fair.


Authenticity means that the food is true to its source. Natural products free of additives are true to themselves; local, seasonal foods are true to their time and place; heirloom varietals and heritage breeds are true to their evolutionary history; traditional foods are true to their cultural heritage. Authentic foods come from and contribute to ecological and cultural systems that are good, clean and fair.


Sustainability means that we must pay attention to the consequences of how we produce and distribute food. We must be good stewards of the environment in which we live; we must protect the biodiversity on which we depend; we must be humane to the animals we raise, fair to the people we employ, and we must insist that high quality food be available to all. Sustainability means reducing all the negative consequences of making food -it means using processes that aregood, clean and fair.

Nomination and Approval Process

  1. Anyone can nominate any restaurant, artisan, or CSA producer in Orange County that contributes to the quality, authenticity, and/or sustainability of our food supply.
  2. Business owners can nominate themselves. Recipients are not required to be Slow Food members to be nominated for or awarded the Snail of Appreciation.
  3. Nomination forms will be submitted to the Slow Food Orange County Snail of Appreciation Committee. The Committee will then vet the recipients (including an onsite visit if necessary) and forward its recommendations to the SF officers. Recipients will receive Snail of Appreciation decal(s) to be displayed, and will be listed, along with a description of their products and services, on the Snail of Appreciation page of the Slow Food Orange County website.
  4. The Snail of Appreciation designation is good for two years; renewal is by the same process.


Click here to nominate a business for the Snail of Appreciation (online form).

Click Here to download a Business Application form (Word Document form).