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About Slow Food Orange County

Slow Food is an international member-supported non-profit organization. Its aim is to spread food culture, to develop sensory and taste education, to protect biodiversity and to promote quality in food, the environment and social life. Slow Food wants good, clean and fair food to be accessible to, and appreciated, by all.

By joining Slow Food U.S.A., you:

  • support a new form of agriculture, respectful of the environment, of humanity, of taste and of the Terra Madre food communities;
  • support our agricultural development projects all around the world;
  • join an international community of producers and consumers, cooks and chefs, housewives, environmentalists, scholars and gourmets;
  • join a local community that organizes meetings, conferences, dinners and events.

Slow Food Orange County is a local chapter of Slow Food U.S.A. which works to carry out the Slow Food mission on a local level. The Orange County convivium is a member-supported organization made up of a diverse group of food enthusiasts.

Members include home and professional chefs, growers, wine connoisseurs, and lots of ordinary people who enjoy cooking and eating good quality food and wines. Please join or contact us for more information about our programs and initiatives.